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Before joining..

Please read the rules before joining this community! You must always credit the maker. Make sure that you upload to your own server, and always comment to let the maker know if you're taking anything. These 3 rules are extremely important! You must abide by them before you join my community.

About the maintainer..

I'm Meaghan, the maintainer and creator of this community. Please do not comment on my personal journal asking me to make something for you. It's annoying, and that's what this community is for! Anyway, I'm 18 years old, and will soon be a freshman at RIC. I'm getting my degree in Nursing. I'm engaged to my love whom I've been with for 5 years, Jeff. He's a Lance Corporal in the USMC. I love my friends, family, and life :)

Community status as of 6/01/05..

The community is looking pretty good. We're getting members pretty fast, and we've added a new maker ..x83x. She can do non-animated graphics. I'm going to start looking for new makers. If you're interested, fill out the form below and post it :)
Maker application..

I am currently looking for new makers:
What can you make?:
How much time can you dedicate to this community?:
Show me at least 3 examples of your work:
June 2005

Made by: arwen_skywalker
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Classy Chick and icons done [Friday
4:08pm December 2nd]

Hi, I'm new here, and always looking for places of icons, backgrounds, and other graphic goodies. I do occasioanlly accept requests, if the mood takes me, and I go through phases, so I do apologise :) My current phase is grunge style textures, and disney/phantom/fashion icons.

Also, promoting a new community that shows some interesting promise :) I hope this is ok, but if not, I've included it behind an lj cut, so you don't have to look...

Do you have class? Culture ChickCollapse )

A taste of my icons:

Members Only! [Monday
12:49am May 30th]



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